Alex Boggie – A Real ‘Stand-Up’ Guy!

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex my first week or two of moving to Sydney. Over the past year, we’ve developed a pretty good friendship! Alex, to me, is someone that really belongs everywhere! He can spark up a conversation with almost anyone, and humour is a big part of his game, hence I wanted Alex on the podcast show.

One of my favourite parts about this particular episode was the topic about the importance of laughter. Now, here’s where I was coming from. I see laughter as a medicine, and that’s because I use it as a medicine. When I’m feeling sad or down or even angry at something or someone, I try to make myself laugh as soon as I can, and I do that one of a few ways. I either think of a happy thought (like Peter Pan), throw on a YouTube video, or try to go back to a memory that I am very fond of.

Alex had the same outlook on laughter. He chose to go into comedy part-time because it he saw it as a great way to almost de-stress, and at the same time, do something he loves. You’ll notice in the podcast episode Alex’s dry humour. I remember telling a co-worker today that sometimes Alex would make a joke and I would laugh first. That’s because dry humour is the funniest to me!

Another favourite part of the episode was when we talked about Alex’s parents. As I mentioned in the episode, I had the absolute pleasure (and that’s an understatement) of meeting Alex’s parents when they came to visit in Sydney. Talk about two people that just blew my mind! Their mentorship that they provided in the short few hours that we spent together really motivated me to think differently about entrepreneurship, and even think about my approach to my businesses. They are amazing human beings, and I honestly cannot wait until I get to see them again! They also have an amazing life story, which I hope to share with you one day.

If you’d like to reach out to Alex, please do so on Facebook.


Until next time.