Be You, Be Phenomenal!

I really don’t know what to say about this guy other than the fact that he’s an absolute legend! In this episode, we met with Gee Tenn, AKA Mr. Phenomenal himself. I had a blast sitting down with Gee and listening to his story. Gee’s story not only made me realise how hard he worked to build the foundation he’s built today, but it also made me realise that we can do anything we put our mind to…and that’s a fact.

Gee is a successful entrepreneur, life coach and a mentor to many—including myself. But where did Gee’s drive come from? While sitting down with Gee, he opened up about the trials and tribulations that occurred as a child. He spoke about the horrifying time where his father was about to burn down their house. Not only did that incident frame Gee into the man he is today, it also made him realise that he wanted to live a life dedicated to helping people get out of the tough times. Gee’s drive stemmed from the hard times that he’s experienced in his past. What better way to direct your tough experiences to help those in need!

Throughout my interview with Gee, I remember being almost speechless at times. I remember sitting there listening to Gee talk about his routines and regimens and thinking to myself that I really need to puck up the slack! Gee’s will power, strength, determination and overall tenacity had me wanting to wake up that extra hour or two earlier just to tick another thing off that list. Now, when I think about goal setting, I think about Gee. I think about the fact that Gee couldn’t read until he was in his thirties, and is now an author of a book. I think about the fact that Gee had his life turned upside down the week of his wedding but now has two awesome sons. I think about the fact that Gee’s now a motivational speaker but would freeze at the sight of a few people. When you put your mind to something, shi* gets done!

Here are some pointers I learned during my time with Gee Tenn:

  1. Success to every individual represents something different- What does success mean to you? Ask 5 of your closest friends. Although they may seem similar, everyone has a different definition of success, and that’s the way it should be.
  2. Be the same person wherever you are- This point is something that I try to live by. I try to be the same Shiv at work, the same Shiv at the gym, and the same Shiv at the bar. Gone are the days where I open my drawer in the morning and choose my personality mask. This is the same Shiv you will see everyday, and that’s a guarantee. Thanks Gee!
  3. Wake up earlier, you can thank Gee later- Simple. As. That. Wake up earlier, and things get ticked off that to-do list a lot quicker than you think #productivity. It also changes your mindset because you know you’ve had a productive morning.

If you’d like to contact Gee, please do so on Facebook at Gee Tenn, Instagram @poweredbygee or check out Gee’s website @