How to optimise your health and performance, with a touch of seduction!

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In this episode, we get to meet Predrag Alvanja, who’s also known as Pedj. Pedj has created a company called Secret2Living where he teaches men, in particular, how to perform at their best. Whether they are at the gym, at work or even at the bar, Pedj helps them create relationships through the art of seduction! This company was created to with the sole purpose of helping men create, develop and maintain relationships, and I’d say Pedj has had a pretty good success rate. Pedj not only helps men with their relationships, he helps them obtain the best version of themselves to perform at their best.

During our conversation, I asked Pedj what he thinks are the biggest mistakes men make when approaching someone at a bar. In today’s society, men find it harder to approach women, according to Pedj. I’d have to say that’s true! If you look at all the other means of communication that are available to everyone (and I’m talking Tinder, Bumble, and all the other dating apps), why would anyone actually TALK to someone if they can just type? Call me old school, but isn’t walking up to someone at the gym or the bar the easiest way to make a connection? Pedj peels the onion back, and touches on how seducing someone by making a subtle joke, or making a bit of eye contact can drastically increase your chances of making that initial connection.

Here are some pointers I took from my interview with Mr. S2L:

  1. Make Eye Contact- During our conversation, Pedj brought up the importance of actually looking someone in the eye. If you think about it, this creates that instant connection. Whether you’re at work, at the gym or even at a grocery store, eye contact is something that is imperative in today’s society.
  2. Don’t be afraid to say hello- One of the things that scares many of us, of any gender, is the fear of rejection. In my interview with Pedj, I noticed how resilient he was. Resilience is the key to getting over that fear of rejection. Sometimes, a simple hello can lead to the next best thing in life.
  3. Playfully challenge- There’s a fine line between straight up offending people, and slightly joking. Pedj gave a few examples during our interview, and they were actually pretty smooth! If you’re too playful, you’re a child. If you’re too challenging, you automatically become the asshole. There’s a fine line, and it will take some practise to get it. Pedj says that the attraction will start building as soon as you’re on that line.

If you’d like to contact Predrag, please do so on his social media tags below!

Facebook: Secret2Living

Instagram: @Pedjalinoo