Mindfulness without the woo, with Mirosuna’s Sally Kellet!

Do me a favour and google ‘mindfulness.’ You’ll notice a few things here. Firstly, you’ll notice that the word ‘mindfulness’ has plenty of definitions. Secondly, you’ll notice that there is a list of techniques to achieve mindfulness. So why would this one word have multiple definitions? The answer is easy: Mindfulness can mean so many different things to so many different people, with varied techniques to achieve it. If I look at what mindfulness means to me, the definition changes quite frequently, but my definition has solidified after sitting down with Sally Kellet of Mirosuna. What does mindfulness mean to me? It simply means getting some peace and quiet and being switched on all hours of the day—how I achieve this can be totally different than the way you achieve it.

Mirosuna gives practical tools and lessons for people to practice mindfulness without the woo. By this, Sally really means mindfulness without the bull, without the confusion, and without the rules. Sally really understand that people can achieve mindfulness in their own way, and really works to connect with people rather give them guidelines around achieving mindfulness. Mirosuna can provide you with a like-minded community that’s looking to change the norm. Through Mirosuna’s sound meditation, you can sit back, relax your mind and enjoy the feeling of immersing yourself with transcendental sounds. FYI, I have done this before, and it’s perfect for people who suffer from stress, fatigue and have issues with ‘switching-off’, which is a very hard thing to do!

Sally has become one of my good friends over the years, and I have always admired her tenacity and determination in the corporate world. Switching this over to her starting her own project, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with! I have had the utmost pleasure watching Sally come up with an idea to now changing the way people think and the way people and use tools to practice mindfulness. And the best part about it? All this started from two things…an idea to help change the world and a burning passion as bright as a fire on a dark night.

Sally’s journey wasn’t always easy. As mentioned in Episode 24 of The Shiv Show, one of the hurdles Sally had to deal with was what I like to call the ‘shock of support’. She and I have discussed this topic many times outside of the podcast, but the one thing she mentioned is that the support you are going to need when starting a business changes throughout the process. The majority of support that you actually receive isn’t from your close friends and family, but mostly from people that may be hearing of you for the first time. Both Sally and I boiled it down to the comfort zone—people may not be comfortable with us making certain moves because it makes them uncomfortable, and we, as business owners, have to be okay with that. We did not start this journey so our friends and family support us. We started this journey because we want something much more—we want to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Here are some of the key points that stood out to me during this interview:

If you have that burning passion, DO something about it – Sally’s story is literally the epitome of ‘giving it a go.’ Sally is able to help hundreds of people throughout multiple platforms all because she gave it a shot, and had the courage to put her face and name out to the world, when sometimes, the world can’t always be the nicest place. Create space for your own change.


  • “The more we can all share, the better we can all become.” – This is what I live for, and Sally summed it up better than I could’ve ever done. Sally discussed the importance of sharing your story and putting messages out to the world, because you’ll never know if you can make a difference if you don’t. Start small and someday it might grow into something bigger—something beyond your imagination.


  • Be aware – Be aware of your body, your mind, and your speech. Without awareness, you cannot achieve mindfulness. Without mindfulness, are you really happy? Or are you just being conformed to society’s way of thinking and doing things? Sally talks about making positive changes to your body, mind and speech, and how it can lead to a happier life for you and those you surround yourselves with. So, what’s her secret? Always. Be. Aware.

If you’d like to get in contact with Sally, or use her services, please check out the links below:

Website: Mirosuna

LinkedIn:  Sally Kellet

Instagram: Mirosuna

Until next time,

Shiv Rad.