A BRAND new you! With InStitchu’s co-founder, Robin McGowan!

Personal branding is an ongoing process. It’s something that stays in the mind of individuals for days, weeks, months or even years. It’s always important to make a good, first impression on individuals right from the get-go, and Robin McGowan is a man that can win over a room full of people as soon as he steps in. There’s one word to describe Robin, and that word is STYLE.

Here’s the quick back-story of how I was introduced to Robin. When I moved to Australia, I noticed that everyone in my office was dressed to the tee. It was like I was walking onto a GQ runway every day at work, so I subconsciously knew I had to up my A-game. After getting to know a few co-workers, they introduced me to a company called InStitchu, a men’s custom, tailor-made suit company. I went to their showroom and was blown away by the professionalism of the InStitchu team. The service I received was second to none, and they made me feel right at home in a matter of seconds. I knew, right away, that the culture was definitely instilled by the higher-ups at this company. After a few weeks, I insisted on meeting the men behind the InStitchu story, and that’s how I was introduced to Robin, one of the Co-Founders of InStitchu.

One of the traits of Robin that jumped out to me was the fact that he was curios. When Robin talked about his childhood, he talked about dismantling electronics at a young age, whether they were tv’s or radios. He didn’t have a clue how to put them back together, but he gave it a shot. That right there proves that curiosity is such an important trait to possess, and even practice. Fast-forward a decade and a half, Robin and his business partner, James, have created a multi-million dollar company all because they were ‘curious’ about the outcome. Fantastic! All it takes is an idea, curiosity and a bit of courage to find your talent.

Here are some pointers I took from my interview with Robin McGowan:

  1. What have you got to lose?- This is the attitude that I live for. Robin mentioned many times in the podcast that he had that exact attitude going into this business with his business partner. Although they were secure with their day jobs, they knew they had to give it their all in order to make the business a profitable one. The next time you are worried about trying something new or taking a risk, just ask yourself that question: What have you got to lose?
  2. Get yourself a real life MBA- This is definitely something I struggled with when I first stepped into the IT world. Robin talked about his desire to get a ‘real-life MBA’ through his experience of starting InStitchu, and that’s that he received. There’s nothing better than being in the real world, fixing real problems, and seeing the fruition of your real actions.
  3. Look good, feel good- Again, going back to branding, this is such an important piece of the puzzle. Robin stresses to all of his customers the important of looking good, because it brings that sense of confidence. It’s a mental shift, really. If you look good, you will feel good, and you will essentially drive more results. This point is something I try to live by every day when I step outside my house.

If you’d like to contact Robin McGowan, please do so on LinkedIn. Be sure to check out InStitchu on Facebook and Instagram @InStitchu, or www.InStitchu.com to get suited up!