Calm is a Super Power!

A powerhouse is defined as a person or thing of great energy, strength or power. Someone with a drive that will outweigh anyone’s around them, and someone who will also lead a team of like-minded individuals to victory. If you had a chance to listen to my interview with Luke Power, you’d know that a ‘powerhouse’ is an understatement when defining Luke.

As I sit here reminiscing about my interview with Luke, there are multiple lessons running through my head, which I will summarise at the end of this post. I had a great time interviewing Luke, and an even better time getting to know Luke’s personal story. The challenges he faced with cancer, his positivity around the entire experience, and his tenacity with regards to his corporate career goals were astonishing. To have that fire instilled in you is a tough job to keep lighting, but somehow, Luke Power keeps that light a flame.

The word ‘drive’ comes to mind when I think back to my interview with Luke. Luke’s drive was something that stood out to me immensely during our time. When I think of my drive, or my driving force, it would be a healthy family, amazing corporate career and enjoying life to the fullest. If we take a look at Luke’s driving forces, they are, first and foremost, his family, then comes happiness, then comes his career aspirations. Very similar to mine, which is a big reason I enjoyed this interview with Luke. My word of advice? Whenever you find someone that you can learn from, try to mirror them. Try to mirror their moves, their style, their conversation starters. Sooner or later, you will walk a path very similar to theirs.

I mentioned a few times during the interview to take notes on Luke’s corporate journey. If you take a step back, you’d realise that Luke’s journey is a journey most hungry, passionate sales people (like myself) would want to follow. He started at a company he was very passionate about and realised that he needed more experience to move up within that company. He then sought out other positions elsewhere that would give him the necessary experience over the course of a few years to finally come back to the company he was passionate about…brilliant. One of the career lessons I’ve learnt from Luke is that you NEED to step out of your comfort zone in order to take that next step to achieving your ultimate career goal. You’ve heard me mention this time and time again. The comfort zone is not a good place…stay outside of it and great, not good, but great things will happen.

Here are some of the key points I learned from my interview with The Powerhouse:

  1. Don’t focus on your next role, focus on your last role- Wow…just wow. I never thought about my career goals from last to first ever! Usually, when anyone plans their career, they think about their next steps. What Luke is saying is to think about your last role and work backwards. I’ve started to do this over the past few weeks, and it has been helping me plan my future roles of interest. Thanks Luke!
  2. Learn from your management- Luke states the importance of learning from your management around the different roles that you will have in your lives. Not only learn what to do, but take note and learn what not to do. Everyone has different management styles, so pick and choose the traits and styles you’d like to create your own management flavour, if you will.
  3. Get back to business to keep your mind in the right state- When Luke had cancer and was going through his treatments, he would have chemo on the Friday, recover over the weekend, and get back into work for Monday, despite his managers telling him to go back home! We do understand this can’t be the case for every single individual, but the main lesson is to get your mind busy thinking about something else other than the hardships. This lesson resonated with me because I did the same thing when my Dad passed away. Straight into work to get my mind off of what happened. As Luke said, get your mind into a positive state, and you’ll stop worrying about what you can’t control.

If you’d like to contact Luke, please do so on the social media tags below!

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