Dealing with the death of a brother and how to stay positive, with Roshan Karu

This was definitely a tough interview for me. I had the chance to sit down with a good friend of mine, Roshan Karu, who recently lost his brother to testicular cancer. What everyone needs to know is that Roshan is probably one of the strongest people that I know—both physically and mentally. Physically because he’s a boxer that packs a damn punch, and mentally because he’s such a positive soul.

Roshan and I had the pleasure of meeting my first week in Sydney. We met through my flatmate, and have been friends since. I always say that you should keep positive, upbeat people around you that can bring you out of a slump, and Roshan definitely possesses those personality traits. I always consider myself as a positive person, but after sitting down with Roshan for a few hours, I realised that I have some work to do.┬áThe interview with Roshan was a special one to me. Not only was I there to listen to a friend speak about his brothers’ life, but I was also able to share a bit of his sorrows as I had lost a close family member as well, my Dad. When someone passes away, we often hear from others a phrase that doesn’t always seem so genuine; “I know how you feel.” In this case, I knew how Roshan felt to lose someone close to him, and it brought us both a lot of comfort knowing we had both experienced similar events.

Here are some of the key points I learned from my interview with Roshan:

  1. Be a better version of yourself- This is probably one of my favourite things to tell people after interviewing Roshan. I’m often asked from many people how they can get out of a bad time, or change their routine. My answer is always “be a better version of yourself.” That one statement can literally change someones life. I know, for a damn fact, that it changed mine.
  2. Give 100% to everything- Roshan gives credit to his brother as to why he has this attitude of giving 100% to everything in life. Whether Roshan is at the gym, at work, or even out with some friends, he puts in 100% of his effort because he knows it will come back around in a positive way.
  3. These are the cards you get dealt- Sometimes, events that take place in life happen for a reason. Not all experiences are bad, some of them occur to teach you something. After Roshan’s brother passed away, Roshan made a decision to roll with the punches. Instead of dwelling about the past, live for today to make your future a better one.

The best part about sitting down with Roshan wasn’t just the interview, but it was after the mic turned off. We sat at my table for hours with a few beers discussing life and death, and what we both learned from our experiences.

If you’d like to contact Roshan, please do so on Facebook at Roshan Karu. Also, check out Opyhr at to order your pair of premium men’s underwear and promote men’s health!