From Skin and Bone to Muscle and Toned

Juicy, Juicy, Juicy—at least that’s what I call him, along with quite a few of my co-workers! In this episode, we get to meet Yousif Oraha, one of my friends that can probably crush my head with one hand but is too nice to do so! Yousif shares his story of going from the skinny kid in high school to now competing in multiple body building contests across Australia.

This interview was definitely interesting, especially to me. Here we have Yousif that struggled from being the skinny kid in class that just couldn’t gain weight. Interviewing him was a guy that had the complete opposite story! I was the chubby kid in class that couldn’t lose the weight! I especially liked this interview because it was very interesting hearing the opposite side. When I was losing my weight, I would always envy the skinny kids. But in turn, it seemed as though they would envy the heavy-setters, aka moi at the time.

If you know Yousif personally, you’d know that Yousif has a very strict meal plan, especially during his preparation time before the competition…now come to think of it, only during his competition prep! I’ve also never met a guy who could eat five burgers, half a cake, a chocolate bar, and STILL have abs. I wanted to interview Yousif to find out how he preps his meals, and to also find out how he preps his mind. To me, the mental state you have to be in whilst losing weight is completely different from what it normally is as an overweight person.

I remember sitting down with Yousif, and imagining myself back to the Big Shivy days. When Yousif started talking about the mindset you have to be in to ensure you’re the best on your competition day, I started to think about my mindset at my biggest days. Then it clicked. Determination is the secret to either a weight loss or a weight gain. Being determined to be the best, or being determined to be the fittest are the same on both sides of the spectrum.

Here are some of my takeaways from my interview with Mr. Oraha:

  1. Continuously execute- Juicy is an extremely driven person. I see the way he moves at work, I see the way he lifts at the gym, and he constantly strives to be better and better. If that attitude is applied to every aspect of his life, I don’t see how he can fail. And that goes for everyone. Continuously execute, continuously chase those goals, and you will continuously win.
  2. These things take time- Rome wasn’t built overnight. You can’t hit the gym for a week and expect to look like Arnie the week after. As per the first point, continuously execute those workouts, work hard and the results will follow. Speaking from experience, there were times where I wanted to give up because I wasn’t seeing any results, but others were. Sometimes you are blind to your own results because you expect more. Take some time to breathe and appreciate how far you’ve come.
  3. Have your Mom meal prep for you- Nothing much to add here. Yousif you lucky son of a…

So, how do you get #swole? PUT IN THE WORK!

If you’d like to get in touch with Yousif, please contact him on Facebook or LinkedIn at Yousif Oraha.