Getting your ACT together, with Dave Beamish!

Beamish, Beamish, Beamish—A name I wouldn’t forget! I had the upmost pleasure of meeting Mr. Dave Beamish at a conference, and let me tell you—when he had the mic, he OWNED the room.

I remember sitting in the front row (keener over here) and Aaron Sansoni, one of my mentors, was on stage asking for people to share. A hand shot up right behind me, and Dave took the mic. I remember him talking about the importance of time and how he’s dedicated his life to help people get time back in there day. Who wouldn’t sign up to that? I then grabbed the mic and started to share my story. We both stood up and shared in front of 300 people, and that’s exactly when our friendship started.

Courageous is definitely a word I would use to describe Dave Beamish. Not only is he pursuing his acting career, but he’s a coach, author, speaker, along with many other titles that are about to make its way to the public. It takes guts to juggle so many things at once, and courage to give every single ‘job’ 110%, and that’s what Dave does very well. When I first met Dave, he came across as fearless, and I say that because he said whatever it is he had to say with conviction. It didn’t take me long to know that Dave will be a HUGE success some day soon, and from the looks of it, soon is just around the corner.

My interview with Dave was very delayed, since both of our schedules just didn’t seem to match up. But when we had the chance to sit down and complete the ‘interview’, we both said to each other that this is something that we need to do way more often. The interview wasn’t really an interview, it was literally a conversation between two friends that are passionate about helping others see their potential, and helping people be the best version of themselves. Not to mention us trying to break out of our comfort zone and attempt to help those in need. Sometimes helping people is exactly what you need to do in order to help yourself, and I share that conception with Beamish.

Here are some of the key points I learned from my interview with Dave:

1) The importance of gratitude- Dave spoke about taking time out of your day to think about what you’re grateful for. This is a practice I do every single morning, but since our chat, I’ve been trying to do it twice a day. If we can’t find 10 minutes a day for ourselves (5-minutes in the AM, 5-minutes in the PM), then we really SUCK at time-management. Dave’s advice was to stay consistent with gratitude, and I suggest you try it!

2) Manage your time by writing things down- When people ask me for a tip of how I manage my time, I always give them a simple answer (that seems very complicated)…WRITE. IT. DOWN. Dave talked about how important writing things down are when structuring your thoughts. He spoke about his vision board and how good it feels to actually cross things out once they have been completed. When I wake up in the morning, most times, I write down what I’m grateful for, and write down what I’d like to accomplish for the day. I may not get through every single task, but at least I know I have a real goal. In Dave’s words, when you fu*k up, it’s okay! You’re only going to get better at it.

3) Something bigger is always coming up-  This one, by far, is my favorite point that Dave talked about. At this point of the interview, I asked him how he stays so positive, and he talked about optimism and the willingness to know that something bigger is always coming up. If you find yourself in a slump, just tell yourself that something good will happen, because that’s just the way the universe works. Once you start thinking positively, you’ll start seeing the world in a new form. Good things will happen because you’re actually looking for good things to happen!

All in all, this was a very fun interview. I consider Dave a great friend and someone who I can count on. I hope you all enjoyed this interview with the one and only Dave Beamish!

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