Public Speaking: Scary or Sexy?

Public Speaking Online Training Course

Public Speaking Online Training Course | Magic Professional with Speech | Mastering Stage PresenceWe’ve all been there. Elevated heart rates, sweaty palms, loss of words and shivers down our spine. When those two words (public speaking) are uttered, chaos arises in our minds. But what if public speaking could be sexy, rather than scary?

It’s said that public speaking is the most common phobia ahead of death, and most of us have probably felt the immense pressure of being put in the spotlight before we step on stage or speak in front of others. It’s important to understand why this fear exists within us so we can paint a full picture of how to overcome it, and significantly reduce the feeling of ‘unorganised chaos.’

Public speaking is sexy. Why?

Having the ability to command the space and deliver your message anywhere, anytime, makes you feel confident, and as we all know, confidence = SEXY. Most people you encounter want to possess the skills to jump up on stage and own it, but in order to do so, work needs to be done. Public speaking is a powerful tool that, if used for good, can elevate your personal and professional growth. Once you embrace the necessary learnings, you can easily reframe your perspective around public speaking. If done correctly, you can connect with your audience – and once you can connect with your audience, public speaking instantly goes from scary to…you guessed it…SEXY.

Here are some tips on how to reduce fear when speaking publicly to an audience:

  • Practice, practice, practice – even the best speakers in the world practice vigorously when they need to get on stage. Join a Toastmasters club or recite speeches on YouTube (my favourite hack).
  • Time heals all – like everything in life, things take time. It may even take a few boo’s off stage or a few failed attempts – but once you get through the rough, the diamond is not far away.
  • Passion – what’s yours? If you’re passionate about something, talk about it. It will no longer feel like public speaking. Instead, you’re just explaining to someone (or many) about a topic you absolutely love.
  • People want you to win – remember, the audience wants you to win. Have you ever been in the audience when a public speaker absolutely bombed? You feel awkward and you want it to be over. You’re rooting for them to win. The same goes when you’re on stage – everyone is rooting for you to win.

A common mistake that’s made is waiting until you think your speech or presentation is perfect. Don’t chase perfection. It just doesn’t exist. Your version of not-so-perfect could be someone else’s saving grace. So if you have something to share, share it!

At SpeakerStreet, we step in to build a gap between fear and effective communication. As it was stated previously, public speaking is a powerful tool in your personal and professional life, and once you have the necessary skills to be a polished communicator, your quality of life can improve tenfold.

Want to know more about SpeakerStreet? Here’s how WE empower YOU:

  • Confidence Building: We equip you with the tools to silence negative self-beliefs and replace it with a belief in your abilities
  • Engaging Delivery: Learn the art of body language, tonality and storytelling to captivate your audience and ultimately connect with them on an authentic level.
  • Challenges: Our ‘Communicate with Confidence’ course is jam-packed with challenges to keep you on your toes and challenge you daily, keeping you outside of your comfort zone for optimum learning.
  • Community Support: Here at SpeakerStreet, we’re not just a course, we’re a community. Our community will provide an opportunity to connect with other individuals looking to increase their skills and become a confident communicator.

The next time you jump up on stage, it’s your turn to command the room. And SpeakerStreet is here to help you on your journey to become the best communicator you can be. Check out SpeakerStreet and use discount code BUCKLEUP to snag a $50 discount on your course.

Together, let’s make public speaking sexy, not scary.