The story behind the smile, with Bassam Khoreich

Meet Bassam Khoreich, a man with one of the biggest smiles that I’ve seen. Before getting to know Bassam’s story, I would’ve thought he was the happiest man alive. His smile tells a thousand stories, but I would have never guessed the hardship Bassam and his family had to face. Bassam is one of the most positive people that I’ve met, and that is exactly why I had to share his story.

I remember sitting in a room interview Bassam. He was talking about the day he lost his son, and what was going through his head. I remember struggling trying to fight back the tears, and in the end, I fought them because Bassam was actually giving me the strength to do so. How does one remain so positive after losing someone so close to you? What happened to Bassam’s family was a terrible tragedy, and the conversation we had in that room is something that I will always remember. Bassam’s positive outlook on life is almost shocking. Despite the tragedy that hit his family, he stays upbeat and excited about what the future has in store. That type of positivity is something I admire, and the that type of strength is something that I hope to possess one day.

How does Bassam remain so driven? Bassam’s outlook on life is very simple: Make a positive impact on the youth in the community. By getting involved with the youth in his community, Bassam’s core mission is to help young individuals realise their true potential and abilities, reflect positive energy, help them understand the meaning of life, and truly make a difference in each and every one of their lives. The one thing Bassam said to me that resonated was helping the youth understand the meaning of life. Don’t worry about religion, don’t worry about culture, just try to understand the meaning of why you’re here, try to uncover your passion, and use that passion to help others. Through these steps, Bassam remains a driven human being that has made a conscious decision to dedicate his life to those in need. Such a strong, selfless person!

Here are some of the pointers I took while sitting down with Bassam:

  1. You cannot put your life on pause- Bassam talked about the fact that he felt like he should have been the one, or that he didn’t feel like moving after hearing the news about his son. What changed his mind is that he realised that his wife and second son were still relying on him to be there for the family. Sometimes, pausing your life is not the right thing to do, especially when you’re accountable for others.
  2. Help others in need and you will find a purpose- After Bassam’s son passed away, he started to get very involved in the community. He started to help the youth in the community, and that gave him a new purpose in life. It’s almost like he filled a gap by making other children happy, and making them understand the true meaning of life.
  3. The power of exchange- At the end of the interview, Bassam talks about the power of exchange. He mentioned that we should all try to exchange something with someone, or several others every day, whether it’s an idea or a cultural habit. The power of exchange will give you a ‘beautiful’ feeling that can put a smile on your face. After my interview with Bassam, I try to help someone every day by exchanging an idea with them, whether it’s business or personal. It actually helps because I’d like to think I’ve made a difference in someones’ life that day. They definitely made a difference to mine!

If you’d like to contact Bassam, please do so on Facebook or LinkedIn at Bassam Khoreich.